Game Shooting

Driven Shooting

JCG Fieldsports prides itself on providing an enjoyable, friendly and professional shooting experience for parties of all sizes.  We are located in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland within an area of outstanding natural beauty.  You will enjoy quality driven shooting on a traditional family run sporting estate.  From gorse covered slopes to formal pheasant coverts, the birds presented will challenge the skill of the most accomplished shots.  


We provide a high level of service to ensure a fantastic day is enjoyed by all of our clients.  The beating team work hard to show high birds to all pegs within spectacular scenery, showcasing the wonderful Scottish countryside. 


Your shooting experience will start off at our shoot lodge where tea and coffee are served along with breakfast if desired.  Afterwards a safety talk is held, itinerary reviewed and pegs are drawn.  


The morning shooting takes place over two drives before elevenses which includes homemade delights, topped off with Champagne and in colder weather sloe gin. Two further drives complete the morning before shoot lunch is then served at the lodge.  


After lunch its back out for the final two drives before retreating back to the lodge for tea, coffee and homemade cake to conclude the day. 

Rough/walked up shooting

We host walked up days on various regions of the estate on a variety of terrains.  Walked up days are available through the season.  Variety of species including Pheasants, Partridges, Ducks, Geese, Woodcock, Snipe and Brown Hare.  For these days we can cater for 2-8 guns.  It is encouraged on these days to bring your own dog.  We will employ beaters for these days if needed.  


Elevenses and Lunch can be arranged if required. Guns will meet in the morning at the shooting lodge.  After a safety briefing, we will make our way onto the estate led by the gamekeeper.  The day consists of mini driven shooting and walked up in a more relaxed and informal manner.




Snipe - 12th Aug - 31st Jan

Geese - 1st Sep - 31st Jan

Duck - 1st Sep - 31st Jan

Partridge - 1st Sep - 1st Feb

Woodcock - 1st Sep - 31st Jan

Pheasant - 1st Oct - 1st Feb

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